iHeartMedia Bismarck-Mandan Sports Schedule


iHeartMedia Sports Schedule

(As always, this schedule is subject to change at any time!) 

Local high school, U-Mary, and UND games STREAM LIVE

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KFYR 550AM / KBMR 1130AM / KXMR 710AM   

iHeartMedia Bismarck-Mandan. ND SPORTS SCHEDULE 


Sun 8/30  Molitor Show                9:30am  KXMR

Inside Twins                       12:00pm  KXMR

Twins vs. Houston      12:30pm  KXMR


Mon 8/31


Tues 9/1  Twins vs. White Sox  6:30pm  KXMR


Wed 9/2  Twins vs. White Sox  6:30pm  KXMR


Thurs 9/3  Twins vs. White Sox  11:30am  KXMR

  Vikings @ Tennessee         6:00pm  KFYR


Fri 9/4  Twins @ Houston        6:30pm  KXMR

  HSFB BHS @ West Fargo  6:45pm  KFYR

  HSFB Devils Lake @ Legacy  6:45pm  KBMR


Sat 9/5UND FB @ Wyoming  2:00pm  KXMR

  Twins @ Houston                  JIP  KXMR

  U-Mary FB @ Sioux Falls  11:30am  KFYR


Sun 9/6  Molitor Show                 9:30am  KXMR

  Inside Twins                       12:00pm  KXMR

  Twins @ Houston               12:30pm  KXMR


Mon 9/7  Twins @ Kansas City  6:30pm  KXMR


Tues 9/8  Twins @ Kansas City  6:30pm  KXMR


Wed 9/9  Twins @ Kansas City  6:30pmKXMR


Thurs 9/10


Fri 9/11Twins @ White Sox  6:30pm  KXMR

HSFB Century @ Mandan  6:45pm  KFYR


Sat 9/12U-Mary FB vs. Upper Iowa12:30pm  KFYR

NDSU FB vs. Weber St         2:00pm  KXMR

UND FB vs. Drake                 4:00pm  KFYR

Twins @ White Sox          JIP  KXMR


Sun 9/13Miami @ Washington2:45pmKXMR

NY Giants @ Dallas        7:00pmKXMR


Mon 9/14Twins vs. Detroit        6:30pmKXMR

Vikings @ San Francisco  8:00pm  KFYR


Tues 9/15Twins vs. Detroit  6:30pm  KXMR


Wed 9/16Twins vs. Detroit        6:30pmKXMR


Thurs 9/17Twins vs. LA Angels            6:30pmKXMR


Fri 9/18Twins vs. LA Angels6:30pmKXMR

HSFB Century @ Minot6:45pmKFYR


Sat 9/19NDSU FB vs. UND (ndsu feed)2:00pmKFYR

UND FB vs. NDSU (und feed)1:30pm   KBMR 

U-Mary @ Minn. St. Mankato12:30pmKXMR

Twins vs. LA Angels        5:30pmKXMR


Sun 9/20Vikings vs. Detroit11:00amKFYR

Molitor Show                         9:30amKXMR

Inside Twins                       12:00pmKXMR

Twins vs. LA Angels       12:30pmKXMR

NFL Patriots @ BuffaloJIPKXMR


Mon 9/21


Tues 9/22Twins vs. Cleveland6:30pmKXMR


Wed 9/23Twins vs. Cleveland6:30pmKXMR


Thurs 9/24Twins vs. Cleveland6:30pmKXMR


Fri 9/25Twins @ Detroit        5:30pmKXMR

HSFB Minot @ Mandan6:15pmKFYR


Sat 9/26U-Mary FB vs. Wayne St.12:30pmKFYR

UND FB vs. UC Davis        12:00pmKXMR

Twins @ Detroit                5:30pmKXMR


Sun 9/27Molitor Show                9:30pmKXMR

Inside Twins                       11:00amKXMR

Twins @ Detroit               11:30amKXMR

Vikings vs. San Diego       11:00amKFYR

NFL Buffalo @ Miami       2:45pmKXMR


Mon 9/28Twins @ Cleveland5:30pmKXMR


Tues 9/29Twins @ Cleveland5:30pmKXMR


Wed 9/30Twins @ Cleveland5:30pmKXMR